Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown Menu (2024)

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  • Appetizers · Garlic Bread. With marinara sauce. $3.99 · Onion Rings. $6.95 · French Fries. $3.95 · Hot Chips. $5.95 · Mozzarella Sticks. With marinara sauce.

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  • Appetizers · Garlic Bread. With marinara sauce. $3.99 · Onion Rings. $6.95 · French Fries. $3.95 · Hot Chips. $5.95 · Mozzarella Sticks. With marinara sauce. $ ...

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  • Toppings: Extra Cheese, Pepperoni, Hot Peppers, Jalapenos, Sausage. Neapolitan Style Pizza. Traditional round and thin. Small 12" $8.99. Medium 14" $10.99.

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4. Elizabeth's Pizza Italian Restaurant menu - Walkertown NC 27051

  • Elizabeth's Pizza Italian Restaurant · Puttanesca $11.95. Cherry tomato, capers, onions, calamata olive in tomato sauce. · Marinara $9.95 · Tomato Sauce $9.95.

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  • Elizabeth's Pizza Walkertown Menu ; Specialty Pizza. Neapolitan Style Pizza. Traditional round and thin. ; Stromboli. Regular Stromboli ; Calzoni. Regular Calzone.

  • The actual menu of the Elizabeth’s Pizza Walkertown pizzeria. Prices and visitors' opinions on dishes.

6. Menus | Elizabeth's Pizza

  • Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Feta Cheese & Black olives. $9.50. Grilled Chicken Salad. Grilled Chicken Lettuce, Tomato Onion & Mozzarella Cheese. $8.25.

  • Elizabeth’s Pizza Restaurants are proud to provide our customers the best meal possible every time you visit our restaurants. Our chefs insist on the finest ingredients: basil, oregano, rosemary and olive oil. We make all of our dough from scratch throughout the day. We prepare our sauces in small batches and we make every meal to order. Join us at our Eden, Wentworth or Freeway Drive location soon!

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  • From alcohol and beer to coffee and comfort food, they have something for everyone. They also offer a kids' menu, quick bites, small plates, and vegetarian ...

  • View the online menu of Elizabeth’s Pizza Walkertown and other restaurants in Walkertown, North Carolina.

8. Menu for Elizabeth's Pizza Walkertown in Walkertown, NC

  • Dive into the menu of Elizabeth's Pizza Walkertown in Walkertown, NC right here on Sirved. Get a sneak peek of your next meal.

  • Dive into the menu of Elizabeth’s Pizza Walkertown in Walkertown, NC right here on Sirved. Get a sneak peek of your next meal.

Introduction: Welcome to the tantalizing world of Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown Menu, where culinary delights await you at every turn. In this article, we will take a closer look at the mouthwatering offerings of this renowned establishment. From traditional Italian classics to innovative creations, Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown has something to satisfy every palate. Join us on a gastronomic journey as we delve into the flavors, aromas, and ambiance of this beloved eatery.

Heading 1: Indulge in Authentic Italian Cuisine At Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown, authenticity is key. With a rich heritage rooted in traditional Italian recipes, this menu transports diners to the heart of Italy. From the first bite to the last, you can expect the finest ingredients and meticulous preparation that capture the essence of Italian cuisine.

Heading 2: Starters that Delight Before diving into the main course, tantalize your taste buds with a selection of delectable starters. From crispy calamari to creamy burrata bruschetta, Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown offers a range of appetizers that set the stage for a memorable meal.

Heading 3: Pizza Perfection Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown is renowned for its mouthwatering pizzas, crafted with care and precision. From classic Margherita to gourmet options like the Truffle Mushroom, each bite is a symphony of flavors. The expertly baked crust, the perfect balance of cheese, and the freshest toppings make these pizzas an irresistible treat.

Heading 4: Pasta Extravaganza No Italian menu is complete without a selection of pasta dishes, and Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown takes pride in delivering pasta perfection. From velvety carbonara to zesty arrabbiata, each dish is a celebration of traditional Italian recipes. The pasta is cooked al dente, ensuring the perfect texture, while the sauces are rich, flavorful, and made from scratch.

Heading 5: Enticing Entrees For those craving something beyond pizza and pasta, Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown offers an array of enticing entrees. Sink your teeth into a succulent rack of lamb, savor the flavors of a tender chicken piccata, or indulge in a juicy steak cooked to perfection. The diverse selection ensures there's something to please every palate.

Heading 6: Delightful Desserts No meal is complete without a sweet ending, and Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown delivers on all fronts. From classic tiramisu to decadent cannoli, the dessert menu is a haven for those with a sweet tooth. Each dessert is crafted with precision, showcasing the skills and passion of the talented pastry chefs.

Heading 7: Conclusion Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown brings the flavors of Italy to your plate, offering a culinary experience that is both authentic and unforgettable. From the first bite to the last, the menu captures the essence of Italian cuisine, taking you on a journey of taste and delight. Whether you're a pizza lover, a pasta enthusiast, or an adventurous foodie, Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown has something to satisfy every craving.


  1. Is Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown suitable for families? Absolutely! Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown welcomes families with open arms. The menu offers a variety of options for both kids and adults, ensuring a memorable dining experience for the whole family.

  2. Are there vegetarian and vegan options available? Yes, the menu at Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown caters to vegetarians and vegans. From veggie-packed pizzas to plant-based pasta dishes, there are plenty of options to choose from.

  3. Can I make a reservation? Yes, reservations are accepted at Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown. It is recommended to call ahead, especially during peak hours, to secure a table.

  4. Is the restaurant wheelchair accessible? Yes, Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown is wheelchair accessible, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a delightful dining experience.

  5. Does Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown offer takeout and delivery services? Yes, for those who prefer to enjoy their meal in the comfort of their own home, Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown offers takeout and delivery services. Simply place your order and savor the flavors at your convenience.

In conclusion, Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown Menu is a haven for Italian food enthusiasts. With its authentic flavors, diverse menu, and welcoming ambiance, this establishment has earned its reputation as a culinary gem. Whether you're looking for a casual dinner, a family outing, or a special occasion, Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown is sure to delight your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

Elizabeth Pizza Walkertown Menu (2024)
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